#LeanBrandLab FAQ's

Who can come?

Lab fees cover two members from each startup to be a part of the lab (Co-Founders, CMOs, etc.). We suggest that the key stakeholders in your startup (Founders, C-Suite, CMO, Growth Hacker) attend the #LeanBrandLab.

Why is the Lab limited to only 12 startups?

Keeping the group small allows us to create a unique learning environment that is focused around the unique situations that each startup has. This is not a conference, but a lab. As such, we will work intensively on the specific set of circumstances unique to each of the 12 startups accepted to the Lab.

How much does it cost?

#LeanBrandLab:US is 1999 ($US) per startup, which covers two team members.

#LeanBrandLab:EUR is 2499 ($US) per startup, which covers two team members.

Do I get a logo? A color scheme? A mission statement?

No! Your brand is so, so much more than these surface elements. You'll learn how to innovate in building your relationship with your audience. You will walk away with hands on experience in brand innovation, a clear strategy for moving forward, and a handle on the relationship with your audience.

What’s different about Lean Brand Lab?

This is not “the same old branding bullshit.” Lean branding, just as with “lean startup,” seeks to eliminate waste in the development of your brand. That means cutting through the “if you were a dog, what type of dog would you be?” fluff of the traditional branding model and getting to the true value-based activities for your startup.

The Lab is also unique in that it is the first brand innovation lab designed for startups focused on high growth featuring Jeremiah Gardner, the author of the bestselling book, The Lean Brand.

Do I get one on one time with Jeremiah?

Yes. Jeremiah will be leading the Lab and will have one on one time with each startup accepted to the Lab.

What is included in the cost?

Admission to the lab for up to two team members, all lunches and snacks, all Lab materials, and access to our exclusive partnerships.