Goodbye, old-school branding. Hello, Innovation.


Lean Brand Lab

The Lean Brand Lab is a two-day brand innovation accelerator designed exclusively to help startups focused on high growth discover the winning relationship with their audience.

Not a conference. Not a hackathon. Not a seminar. A True LAB.

In the Lean Brand Lab, you’ll be presented a unique experience mixing in-depth hands-on practical tools, real-time experimentation and hands-on mentoring to help you succeed in connecting with your audience.

If you’re ready to get off the "where do I get clients" roller coaster and prime your startup for organic growth, the Lab is for you.


Thousands of startups struggle to build passionate relationships with their audience. That’s because they spend way too much time and effort on things that simply don’t matter to their audience. The perfect logo, tagline, color scheme, or messaging will never win an audience over. Branding is so much more than that.

The winning relationship with your audience will come from a process of discovery.

"Value is not realized in brilliant assumptions, genius strategies, or creative ideas alone, but instead occurs where creative inspiration meets the rigor of validation."
Jeremiah Gardner
Author, The Lean Brand

You'll Learn How to:

  Use innovation to develop and evolve the relationship with your audience

  Design and run purposeful experiments to discover value in your branding strategy

  Measure, test and build passion with your customers

  Maximize resources, time, and efforts by eliminating wasteful activities in your intentional branding efforts

Hear from successful startups like Buffer, Code For America and about how they have used lean branding to build a passionate customer base.

Build Measure Learn @ Lean Brand Lab


Get hands-on, real-time experience putting the Lean Brand Stack (an exclusive set of tools) to work, creating tangible results based on brand innovation.

Unlimited and unfiltered access to Jeremiah Gardner, author of the bestselling book, The Lean Brand, and his team of Lean Brand practitioners.

"Applying the Lean Brand methodology to software development and strategy has resulted in great positive responses externally from our customers and internally from our team."
Randy Apuzzo
CEO of
"The problem with most approaches to branding is that they get in their own way. They've managed to make the work of managing and building brands more opaque, more complicated, and less accessible. The Lean Brand takes the opposite approach: a manageable and understandable set of concepts, tools, and methodologies to make informed brand decisions."
Randy Hunt
Creative Director, Etsy
"Branding is the last bastion of old school, unaccountable marketing practices. But no more. The Lean Brand brings branding into our new world of value-creation, meaningful relationships with customers, and data-informed marketing decisions."
Brant Cooper
Author of, The Lean Entrepreneur

About the Author, JEREMIAH GARDNER

Jeremiah Gardner is an author, speaker, lean brand practitioner, and bulldog lover. He helps startups, entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 organizations reframe the way they think about brand innovation, culture, and leadership. He is the author of The Lean Brand, the first book to apply lean principles to branding, is a sought after speaker, and has been featured in several media outlets including, The Guardian, Branding Magazine, and SayDaily. Reach him @JeremiahGardner

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