The winning relationship with your audience will come from a process of discovery.

Build a passionate customer base through lean, validated learning.

Introducing #LeanBrandLab

Straight line to value. The Lean Brand Lab.
Leave old-school branding behind. The Lean Brand Lab.

#LeanBrandLab is the first brand innovation accelerator to bring the rigor of Lean Startup to the marketing black box of branding.

LAB is designed to help you make the leap from “theory” to “practice.” The intensive, hands-on approach is informed by our experience on the front lines of Lean Branding, Lean Startup, design thinking, customer development and startup innovation leadership. We literally wrote the book on it.

LAB is a unique mix of creative inspiration and scientific rigor. LAB teaches methods to build deep customer empathy, rapid experimentation and evidence-based decision making within your startup — at scale.

#LEANBRANDLAB is transforming the way startups build sustainable relationships with their audience
by enabling the capability of founders and teams to harness disruptive innovation.

LAB: Upcoming Dates


Santa Monica, CA

An introduction to Lean Brand innovation — LAB includes a hands-on introduction to rapid experimentation around your customer development. We assist your first Lean Brand customer experiement and provide the tools to continue to evolve the relationship with your audience.



Info about the November Lab is coming soon. Please feel free to reach out if you have questions.

In-House Lab

You Host
Set the Schedule

Designed for teams wanting to move the needle in their innovation efforts, In-House LAB is a custom designed deep dive into lean brand innovation. A full day of customer development followed by two days of rapid experimentation to build the capability of your team to use innovation as a “daily practice.”


“#LeanBrandLab has transformed our approach completely. I'll never develop another product without using the lean brand methodology again.”

— Randy Apuzzo, CEO & Founder at


“Jeremiah and the team really know their stuff, and aren’t afraid to push you off a cliff and get you talking to your users. Our experience with #LeanBrandLab has helped us take a Lean approach to not just our branding, but everything we do.”

— Carly Schuler, CEO at Kindoma


“Jeremiah has the ability to deconstruct the issues and explain the path to better innovation and brand awareness than anyone that I have seen.”

— Peter Briscoe, Executive Director, Innovation at Ericsson LAB

"Value is not realized in brilliant assumptions, genius strategies, or creative ideas alone, but instead occurs where creative inspiration meets the rigor of validation."

— Jeremiah Gardner in The Lean Brand


The best way to experience the impact of #LeanBrandLAB is to attend. Get in touch to book a LAB fit for your business.